Freed doctor: Upset at the Muslim world

El Hagoug is surprised that the Muslim world ignored his fate, but he really shouldn't be. He was born in Egypt, grew up in Libya since he was two years old, and he's still called a Palestinian by the world press. From the Muslim world's perspective, as long as he immigrated within the Muslim world, he was and always would be a refugee. He could never be an Egyptian or Libyan no matter how long he lived there. His story is that same story as many other "Palestinians" who came to Europe. Like him, they were Palestinian only because their parents or grandparents had once lived in Palestine, and like him, they could never become anything else as long as they lived within the Muslim world. Only in the Western World can they actually call themselves Dutch, British or Danish.


The Arab world had completely ignored the Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor Ashraf Jumaa El Hagoug (al-Hazouz) while they sat in jail for 8 years. El Hagoug made the bitter accusation when he was reunited with his parents in Bulgary, several days after he was freed from Libiya. He accused the Muslim world of sitting by quietly because the five nurses were Christian.

Ashraf reunited with his father, Achmed, and his mother, Afiefa. The parents flew out of Woerden in the Netherlands, to Sofia, Bulgaria to meet their son. The last time they saw Ashraf was when they visited him in jail in 2005. Later the parents and four daughters fled to the Netherlands, afraid for their safety in Libya.

Ashraf El Hagoug will probably come back to the Netherlands with his parents, where he hopes to start off a new life. Since he received Bulgarian citizenship, he would have no problems doing so.

Source: (Dutch), International Herald Tribune (English)


Anonymous said...

The Arab world does not give a fig for the Palestinians. All they are is something to employ to attack Israel.

Anonymous said...

Palestinians should fight the Jihad because of their blood dept. At least that is how the Arabs see it. Because it's an integral part of the Muslim faith to never give up lands to the infidel. Hence the problem with the Palestinians is cultivated and the occupation of Cyprus will never stop.

Anonymous said...

By not recognising the nationality of someone born in your own country the muslims countries are racist. There is no other word for it. A person is born in Egypt yet denied Egyptian citizenship. That is racism.
And if muslims never give up land to the infidel that means they will claim Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Rumania, Slovenia, Austria (up to the gates of Vienna) etc etc

Martin said...

No, No..

Muslims never occupied any part of Czech republic:) There were some raids across the eastern border of Moravia, but not an occupation:)