Italy: Muslim law encourages respect towards women

Amato wants to believe that fashion is the cause of evil.  Western decadence might mean that a woman wants to be at the height of fashion, but according to western standards a woman is a human being.  She can learn, work, travel, marry, drive and have her own bank account.  It is too easy for Westerns to underestimate their own high regard for women.

The Italian Interior Minister has defended the dress code of Muslim women, known as 'Hijab', saying the Islamic law 'protects them.'

Speaking at a ceremony titled "Women and Society", Giuliano Amato added that the practice of Hijab encourages respect toward women.

He pointed to the positive effects that "accrue to women from adherence to the Islamic dress code" and said "It's a shame that Italy is turning into a country where a woman is either a nice image to look at or worth nothing."

The minister said his country has reached a point where it needs laws to remind the society that women should be respected as human beings and not considered mere objects of pleasure, IRNA cited from the Italian daily 'Corriere della Sera'.

Amato announced that the government is launching a three-million-Euro campaign to promote a culture of respect for women and to establish a national organization that would implement such education policies.

Source: Press TV (English)

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Anonymous said...

Lack of respect for women is a world wide problem as is men's and women's lack of respect for themselves. However, the Mulsim total subjugation of women is not the answer. Plus the manditory violent consequences for what are considerd minor offenses in the western world adds fuel to the fire.