France: New Wave of Anti-Muslim Feelings?

France: "New Wave of Anti-Muslim Feelings"

The following is a headline from Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet:

It reads: New Wave of Anti-Muslim Feelings
In smaller letters: Synagogue outside Paris attacked with firebombs.

The article mentions two attacks against Jews, one in France and one in Switzerland. It also says as follows:

Interior Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie said that France was experiencing a new wave of anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim episodes as a result of the Gaza-war.

"We must do everything to stop the import into our country of the situation taking place in the Middle East," says Alliot-Marie after meeting president Nicolas Sarkozy and Catholic, Muslim and Jewish leaders.

After a bit of digging I found the original quote. France-Info/AFP reports the minister was interviewed on RTL. She said there was a resurgence of acts against syngagogues in France, but also against mosques. to the question: "There's a resurgence of attacks against mosques?" she answered: "Yes, there is also a resurgence of acts against our Muslim compatriots and against a certain number of (Muslim) places of worship".

I haven't heard of anti-Muslim attacks related to the Gaza war. If anybody has more info, please let me know.

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