Greece: Non-Greek recruits for police?

Greece: Non-Greek recruits for police?


Morale within the force appears to be at an all-time low following the shootings and December's unrest. It was suggested yesterday that one way of improving the police's image and how some members of the public see officers would be to induct migrants living in Greece into law enforcement.

"The children of migrants, the so-called second generation, study at Greek schools and universities – why are they excluded from police academies and other public posts?" Christos Fotopoulos, the head of the Panhellenic Confederation of Police Officers (POASY), told Kathimerini.

"As long as the state refuses to deal with the new reality, there will be more incidents of racism and the police will suffer the consequences when others are actually to blame."

However, a survey conducted in 2004 by POASY and the Antigone research organization found the majority of some 46,000 officers in the force were against the idea of non-Greek recruits.

Source: Kathimerini (English)

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