Wales: Projects to tackle radicalism, Islamophobia

Wales: Projects to tackle radicalism, Islamophobia


There is continuing concern about the threat of terrorism and the potential for "disaffected and isolated individuals" to become radicalised, the report says, while in the longer term, it anticipates climate change potentially leading to increased numbers of displaced people from the Middle East, South Asia and the Sahara belt coming to Wales.

Current projects to tackle religious extremism include the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board which provides guidelines for mosques and Islamic institutions.

It encourages minimum language requirements for Imams and engagement between members of the faith and Government.

In the near future a pilot tested in three Cardiff schools designed to tackle both extremism and Islamophobia will be evaluated.

The strategy argues it is essential that local authorities and other organisations take steps to understand their communities and develop plans based on identified need.

It also calls for "tension monitoring" to take place so a "real picture of local issues" can be established.


Source: Wales Online (English)

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