Netherlands: Sharp drop in Moroccan/Turkish immigration

Netherlands: Drop in Moroccan/Turkish immigration

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The number of Moroccan and Turkish immigrants hasn't been as low in four decades as it was in 2007.  In this year 1,700 Moroccans and 2,900 Turks came to the Netherlands. For both countries this is the lowest total since 1967, according to data from the Central Bureaus of Statistics (CBS)

Other than the sharp drop of the number of immigrants from Moroccan and Turkey, the number of non-Dutch immigrants continued to increase, according to the CBS report Wednesday.  80,000 immigrants came to the Netherlands in 2007, 13,000 more than in the year before.

40% of the immigrants in 2007 came to the Netherlands in order to work.  In the first year of the century this was 20%.  Barely 5% of the total number of immigrants in 2007 were asylum seekers.  In 2000 and 2001 that was 30%.  Further, the number of foreign students since 2000 almost doubled.

In 2007 particularly more immigrants from outside the EU came in order to work.  Not only from new EU member states such as Bulgaria, Poland and Romania, adds the CBS, but the number of work-migrants from 'old' member states also increased.  There were also more work immigrants from Asian countries such as India and the Philippines.

Moroccan and Turkish immigrants peaked around 1980 and 1990.  In 1980 the Netherlands welcomed about 10,000 Moroccans and about 17,000 Turks. In 1990 there were 9,000 Moroccans and 12,000 Turks.  In 1967 there were about 1,700 immigrants from each country.

Source: Trouw (Dutch)

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