Gaza: Moroccan-Belgian neurosurgeon comes to help

Gaza: Moroccan-Belgian neurosurgeon comes to help

The article below is from Wednesday.  Thursday another Belgian-Moroccan entered Gaza, Fouad Ahidar, Brussels Parliament member for sp.a entered Rafah together with other European politicians in order to give medical supplies.  He left the same day. (De Redactie)


A neurosurgeon from Schaarbeek (Brussels) succeeded in reaching Gaza city.  He will work there at least ten days in a hospital to where the victims of the Israeli attacks are being brought.

The family of the Schaarbeek neurosurgeon Najib Ramzi is living by the rhythm of the news from Gaza. Sunday the 38 year old doctor succeeded in crossing the Egyptian border with Gaza.  Is the first and only Belgian who got into Gaza City since the beginning of the war with Israel on December 27.

Currently Doctor Ramzi is working in Shifa hospital in Gaza City for the Medical Aid for the Third World organization. the organization works there together the Norwegian doctor team of Norwa.  The circumstances in which the doctors must work are very difficult.  "Last night the entire hospital shook and the night before the windows broke because it was being bombed so close," says doctor Ramzi in a telephone interview.  "They really shoot from everywhere, from airplanes, from ships, from everywhere."

The Medical Aid for the Third World  organization started a collection drive for a hospital in Gaza already before doctor Ramzi's departure and that is necessary. "Medical need is great," says coordinator and doctor Bert De Belder.  "Then don't have enough hands, and certainly specialized hands, such as those of doctor Ramzi.  But there is really a shortage of everything: medical materials, medicines and even money to buy diesel to turn the generator, which costs $600 per day.  There is thus really a need for everything."

The collection brought 10,000 euro so far and it is still possible to donate.

Source: Brussels Nieuws (Dutch)

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