Netherlands: Immigrants fear 'white' neighborhoods

Netherlands: Immigrants fear 'white' neighborhoods

Many Turkish and Moroccan Dutch are afraid of moving to a 'white' neighborhood, a neighborhood with mostly ethnic Dutch.  They fear being lonely there and fear that neighborhood residents will look away from them.  The hardened social climate feeds this fear.

This according to a report "You can't buy good neighbors" ('Goede buren kun je niet kopen') published Tuesday by the Social and Cultural Planning Bureau (available for download as PDF)

It is partially based on group talks with Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese and Antillean Dutch about their ambitions and experiences in the housing market.

The immigrants also fear that every now and then they would have to prove themselves as immigrant or Muslims in 'white' neighborhood.  Even if they have enough money to go live in another neighborhood, they decide to stay in their own neighborhood.

Their family members live there and all the facilities, such as Islamic butcher and Turkish bakery, are nearby.  Moreover the city renewal project means that housing in the old neighborhoods is becoming better and that the neighborhood is better maintained.

Despite their fear of moving to a 'white' neighborhood, more immigrants prefer a mixed neighborhood, where Dutch of all cultures live.

Experience shows that ethnic Dutch leave when immigrants come to live in their neighborhood.  Moreover 40% of the ethnic Dutch prefer not to have immigrant neighbors.  

Source: AD (Dutch)

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