Oslo: Muslims save pro-Israel demonstrator (+video)

Oslo: Muslims save pro-Israel demonstrator (+video)

Demonstrations regarding the war in Gaza continued across Europe Saturday.

In Oslo (Norway) 130 people were arrested for mass rioting after police declared an end to an anti-Israel demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy. The left-wing Blitz group also joined the protest and riots. Several McDonald's were attacked, supposedly for supporting Israel. McDonald's denies the claims. (TV2)

In Copenhagen (Denmark) 78 protesters were arrested rioting in the streets, throwing eggs and setting off fire-crackers. A McDonald's was also attacked. 72 of those arrested were already freed. (DR)

In Antwerp (Belgium) a Christian priest, Jewish Rabbi and a Muslim gathered for a minute of silence in front of the Cathedral of Our Lady as a protest against the violence in the Gaza Strip. The three said they saw their protest as an alternative for the other demonstrations in the city. The AEL (Arab-European League) was supposed to hold a demonstration but it was canceled as the AEL did not agree with the city's requirements that they hand over a list of 100 adults who would be responsible for public order. (HLN 1, 2)

A quieter demonstration can be seen here in Sweden, while in Rotterdam, Israeli flags were burned to the cheers of the crowd.

Last Thursday I reported about the riots in central Oslo by anti-Israel protestors. One of the pro-Israel protesters was saved from the crowd by a two of the Muslims.


In the chaos after the pro-Israel demonstration in front of the Parliament Thursday evening, the police tried to channel all the friends of Israel from Eidsvoll square to the waiting buses and away from the main area of the steadily more aggressive counter-demonstration in Spikersuppa park and Karl Johan street.

But with the tear-gas stinging in the eyes and throat of both demonstrators and passerbys, some of the friends of Israel landed up among the youth, who were throwing objects at the police.

Sverre Martin Haug (73) from Tyristrand took part in the legal demonstration and heard the speeches including that of FRP head Siv Jensen. During the demonstration he got an Israeli flag as a present, and after the event was on his way down Karl Johan street to Youngstorget to look at the large torchlight procession there.

"I was accompanied by a woman who thought I shouldn't go alone, and it was probably a little stupid to go that way when I still had the Israel flag," says Haug to Dagbladet.no.

He was spotted as the enemy by a group of youth at Egertorget square.

"I was in the process of putting away the flag, but they got hold of it and threw it from me. In the end I had to let go when they pulled me towards the underground. Suddenly they kicked my leg from under me, and I was lying on my back," says Haug.

Dagbladet.no was there and can confirm that the 73 year old's version of the events. When Haug eventually managed to get to his feet, he was surrounded by angry youth who physically attacked him and did not let him leave the place.

But two young Demonstrators managed to prevent the violence from the others and tried to stem the attacks by saying that the man wasn't Jewish. They pulled the friend of Israel with them to the entrance ot Burger king, where the doors were locked by the employees because of the riots.

"Take him, He's a Jew!," one of the men called out.

The demonstrators tried to set the flag they took from him on fire. The video shows also that one of the demonstrator calls out "Fucking Jew!" to the face of the 73 year old while somebody spits on him.

Others were very aggressive towards the men who protected him.

"I stood with my back to the door. Those who helped me stood in front of me like two shields. It was pretty testy. There was no doubt that I would have gotten a beating if it wasn't for them, the other men tried as well as they could to get me," says Haug to Dagbladet.no.

After several minute the hard-pressed police forces further on Karl Johan street discovered the particular riot on Egertorget and a group of about ten policemen came running while Haug was recovered securely from the chaos.

The 73 year old sustained a sprained hand when he was kicked in the back, but otherwise got out without injuries. In the minutes afterward he managed to thank the two unexpected helpers.

"They told the other demonstrators that 'this isn't in the Koran, he's an old man'. It is not so fun to hear that, but I must indeed admit that I am 73, and not so young anymore, and it saved me probably," he says.

Haug is not a Jew, but a Christians. He knows Israel from several trips to the country as a volunteer workers for a Pentecostal community, including as a carpenter in a hospital. He thinks the Gaza war is hard for both sides, but strongly disapproves of the riots like yesterday.

"It's very sad to experience something like that in peaceful Norway. But I understand that there are strong emotions involved, and I certainly noticed that on my body."

One of his protectors on Egertorget is a man connected to the criminal Norwegian-Pakistani gang Young Guns. As a Muslim he's strongly engaged regarding the Gaza war, but stressed earlier today that it's not Jews in general that he's furious at.

"they took this Israel flag and spit and trampled on it. He tried to get it back and it became a riot. We got a hold of the man and got him out and got him away to Burger King," the man confirmed to Dagbladet.no.

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian)

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