Italy: Muslims urge president to press for Gaza ceasefire

A prominent Italian Muslim organisation has urged the president of the country, Giorgio Napoletano, to press for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Italy's Islamic Cultural Centre made its appeal in a letter addressed to the president by the secretary-general of the centre, Abdellah Redouane.

Affiliated to the Grand Mosque in Rome, the cultural centre is the only Islamic entity officially recognised by the Italian state and wants the government to play a decisive role in ending the hostilities in the Middle East.

"Our prayers are accompanied by broken-hearted anguish pain, expressions of sadness and concern," the letter read.

"Men, women and citizens wherever they are in the world, feel the need to demonstrate this sadness, this worry and at times their indignation."

The Islamic centre and 50 other Muslim groups throughout Italy expressed their faith in the "great wisdom and influence" of Napolitano who is "recognised and respected all over the world".

The letter urged him to use his influence and do everything possible to bring about a ceasefire and peace in the Middle East.


Source: AKI (English)

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