Netherlands: Family of criminals in the police

Netherlands: Family of criminals in the police

Some new immigrant agents of the Hollands-Midden police department appear to be family of known and repeating criminals.  This became clear from investigations in the police register by alarmed agents.

Family names of new colleagues, identical to those of known criminals, caused alarm by the experienced police officers.  One of the alarmed agents asks how it appears to detectives and police agents when the brother of a suspect works by the police and can inspect all police systems.

According to the agents, until recently it was unthinkable that a brother of sister of a notorious criminal will be accepted to the police.  The agents also fear problems if these new colleagues would have to arrest a criminal family member or record a complaint about them.  "Should you expect an agent to tack down and prosecute his own family members?"

According to commissioner Jan Stikvoort immigrants come more often from large families.  "In large families you meet somebody who has been in trouble with the police more quickly than in smaller family," writes Stikvoort on the intranet.  For the department head that is not always a reason to reject somebody.

Department head Stikvoort has meanwhile forbidden agents to investigate new colleagues on their own.  "this behavior is not honest, in conflict with the oath of office and therefore undesirable."

Henri Lenferink, in charge of the police, has given orders to investigate all agents who've been recruited in recent years.  "If you're no good, you're out".

The Hollands-Midden police has taken up a special project to recruit immigrant agents.  The department wants to be a reflection of society.  Chairman Ron Tournier of the ANPV police union speaks of "a nasty business".  "As police you must be pure and transparent.  Now you bring in potential problems through the back-door," according to Tournier.  He says he knows of cases of agents who were rightly fired because of a criminal family member.  Tournier adds that you can't do this to colleagues who do everything to arrest criminals.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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