Where's my commission?

Where's my commission?

Earlier I posted about the atheists' planned campaign in the Netherlands. Asked by Dutch newspaper AD if they're planning anti-Allah signs, the head of the humanistic think-tank CFI, Floris van den Berg, said that for now they're ruling it out, as it would cause fiercer reactions.

In the comments, I suggested that anti-Allah signs would not be directed at Muslims if the campaign would put up signs against all deities.

technically, atheists could have come out with an inclusive campaign mentioning Allah. For example: "there is no God, no matter what you call him: God, Yahweh, Allah etc. etc." (...) They could have a name on every bus. Luckily for them, I don't run their campaigns..

But as it turns out, I very well could have. An article in Reformatorisch Dagblad says as follows:

If it's up to him [Van den Berg] the campaign would be expanded and made more specific towards the different religions in the Netherlands. "Then there will be specific buses with an ad against God, Allah and Yahweh. We therefore aren't ruling out the arrival of anti-Allah slogans for certain. Currently the slogan will however stay: 'There is probably no God. Dare to live and enjoy this life!'"

That at first there won't be buses with anti-Allah text driving about is explained thus by Van den Berg: "The term God is also a sort of container-concept. But if the campaign goes well, more will follow. The second reason why we start with this expression is because Christians are more accustomed to it. Muslims are more likely to react fiercely. I am therefore also more afraid of angry Muslims than angry Christians."


AD had apparently decided to focus on the present and not on Van den Berg's future plans. Or in other words, yet again took a quote out of context.

Still, I'd like my commission..

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