Paris: Muslim students attacked

Three students at the Janson-de-Sailly school (16th arrondissement  in Paris) were victims of an attack, Thursday, Jan. 8th, in front of their school.  The Students, aged 15-17, of North-African origins, were beaten by youth who came to distribute leaflets for the Jewish Defense League (JDL), an extremist organization banned in the United States and Israel.  The families of the victims lodged a complaint for an intentional attack of a racist character.  "The attackers were not identified and the investigation is ongoing," said a spokesperson for the prosecution.

M., one of the two victims assaulted, says he was waiting for his cousin in front of the school and saw the youth handing pamphlets.  He refused it and his cousin put it in the trash.  The youths asked his cousin why he threw it away.  He approached and then they hit him, he got a knee in his stomach and a blow to the eyebrows.  They then attacked his cousin.  Then someone said 'there's the cops' and they left.

His mothers says that when she arrived at the school, the police were there with the pamphlet.  As if by chance two young men were beaten up.  

the pamphlet was signed by the JDL and called on Jewish youth to defend the Jewish community in the face of anti-Semitic attacks.
This incident, which occurred two days before the demonstrations in favor of the Palestinians, 'has still not been condemned by the authorities," says the president of the Association of Victims of Injustice, referred by the parents of the two victims.  This association, headed by Rachid Nekkaz, presidential candidate in 2007, intends to demand the prosecution of the perpetrators and the JDL.  "When a synagogue is attacked, everybody reacts and that's very good.  French of North African origin should enjoy the same treatment in political terms," he says.
At the end of a demonstration in support of Israel on Jan. 4th, eight people were arrested for possession of illegal weapons.

The JDL denied that its activists attacked three students, and 'strongly condemned' any such violence.  They claim that somebody must have found the leaflets and decided to hand them out on their own.

Sources: Figaro, Le Monde (French)

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