Denmark: Woman in niqab testifies in court

Denmark: Woman in niqab testifies in court

For the first time in Danish legal history, a woman has given evidence in a courtroom wearing a niqab, reports TV2 News.

The woman was a witness during a High Court hearing on 7 August and was wearing the traditional Islamic headscarf that covers the face, leaving only the eyes visible.

Judge Henrik Bitsch explained that the situation was resolved when the woman produced her driver’s license as ID and then removed her face covering in front of a female judge to confirm her identity.

Spokespeople for the government’s Liberal party and their allies the Danish People’s Party both said it was problematic that witness’s faces were not visible during a hearing.

Nasar Khader, integration spokesman for the government’s Conservative Party which recently proposed a ban on burqas, stood by the party line and said courtrooms should be free of burqas and niqabs.


Source: Copenhagen Post

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