Amsterdam: Moroccan orgs against Moroccan-phobia

Amsterdam: Moroccan orgs against Moroccan-phobia

The Moroccan organizations united in the Amsterdam Moroccan Forum (AMF) are sick of it: too often Moroccans automatically get the blame for problems or incidents and that should stop.

The AMF calls to end what they call "Moroccan-phobia'. The immediate reason is the news report this week in De Telegraaf that the residence of an Amsterdam Jew was pelted with eggs by a group of Moroccan youth. A police investigation later showed that the perpetrators were three Jewish boys who live in the neighborhood and that they threw the eggs out of mischievousness.

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The AMF says this is not the only incident. "Very regularly there are incorrect reports in the regular media and on blogs. There seems to be an atmosphere in which the bon-ton is to blame Moroccans for various social problems. It is is easy to find media and politicians who set aside Moroccans as a group. That is currently politically correct. It's much more difficult to find politicians or opinion makers who stand up fro the much greater majority of the Moroccans who do well in Dutch society."

The AMF urges politicians, the media and representatives and social authorities to concentrate on the facts and not to increase the polarization between groups by speculation.

Source: AT5 (Dutch)

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