Sweden: Muslim Council head condemns extremism

Sweden: Muslim Council head condemns extremism

Via the Local:

Helena Benaouda, chair woman of the Muslim Council of Sweden (Sveriges muslimska råd), said in a statement that all forms of extremism are unacceptable, and that she, "just like everyone else, must take the threat of extremism - including Islamic extremism - seriously."

Helena Benaouda's daughter has a child together with Munir Awad, the 29-year-old Swede arrested in Copenhagen on Wednesday on suspicions of plotting an attack on the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.


She wrote that she believes in an open society, with equal human rights for all:
"Violent criminal activity and terrorism are attacks on such a society, and against everything I believe in, including my religious beliefs, Islam."

"We must let the police investigation show who is guilty to what, and the guilty will get their punishment. My daughter and her children are safe with me and doing well - and that is what's most important for me," concluded Benaouda in her statement.