Aarhus: Muslims attacking Greenlanders

Fjordman has quite an interesting article at Gates of Vienna about the difficult life of Greenlanders in Gellerup, a suburb of Aarhus. The Greenlanders are afraid to step outside their doors, and gatherings, football matches and the celebration of the Greenlandic national day have either stopped or can only take place under heavy security. The situation has gotten so bad that the "Greenland House" has now come out with an informative campaign, in Arabic.

Gellerup is composed of 88% immigrants. Greenlanders are an easy target in Denmark and Muslims do not have the monopoly on looking down at them. As Fjordman's article points out, they have difficulties finding housing in better neighborhoods of Aarhus. Just a year ago a woman from Greenland was sexually assaulted in Copenhagen by somebody (who is apparently very Danish), while his friends stood by and insulted Greenlanders.

As one interviewed Greenlander says:
"The Arabs practice pure racism against us. They can't understand why we can live in Denmark. Even when one tries to explain that we are Danes and were born with citizenship, then they don't understand it."

"Maybe they are envious, since often it ends in dumb discussions about who is at fault for the problems in Denmark."

I dug around for some more information and found this article. Despite everything she's suffered, the interviewed Greenlander is quite understanding.

45 year old Naasunnguaq says she is glad and thankful to live in Denmark, but she would rather flee Gellerup. "Why should I go and be afraid, just because I was born in Greenland?"

"Most Greenlanders here have been exposed to unpleasantness. One of my Greenlander guests was attacked just outside my door. He was seriously beat up and robbed."

Another, she adds, was injured in the face and yet a third doesn't dare go home alone, because she was harassed in her home by young Arabs, that attacked her and among other things threw stones at her windows. And calls on the street "Fuck home to Greenland this is our Gellerup" are completely common. It is not uncommon that Arab kids shoot at them with fireworks.

She says that they are in the greatest danger of all to be attacked.

"I don't understand the immigrants who behave like this. Maybe they think that we all drink. But then, Greenlanders are not all alcoholics. Most learn and work. We enjoy nature and love parties, yes. but we take care of our things and are peaceful. Maybe the difference is that their land has been at war for many years, and Greenland has never been. We come from expansive nature and peaceful society. But they should certainly be grateful to be allowed to be here, especially when now their own land is in chaos," says Naasunnguaq.

"The Arabs have no respect for anybody then themselves. It is humiliating to live under."

She explains that she has a great desire to understand the hostility, that she thinks is tied to ignorance.

"Greenlanders hate to hate. I would like to understand the Arab's culture and religion. It might be a good idea to arrange a meal together so we learn to know each other. Hospitality is basic for us, and I can well imagine a project of understanding," says Naasunnguaq.

"For instead of prejudice there should be care and understanding."

Sources: Stiften 1, 2 (Danish), Sermitsiak (Danish)


Anonymous said...

But I'm sure they attack the Greenlanders in a peaceful way...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't call a spade a spade

Islamist terrorism
not related to Islam

Anonymous said...

Break out your weapons and put the Muzzies in their place, as long as you appease these simple minded idiots, things will never change,

Briana the Magnifi-can't said...

Righty-o. As long awe give inches, they will take miles.

Briana the Magnifi-can't said...

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Anonymous said...

this is a result of your brain washing religion.
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Unknown said...

This is a good blog article. But as someone who lives in Gellerup I would like to clarify that there is no war between Muslims and Greenlanders.

It is an unfortunate fact that the Kalaallit in this neighbourhood are accorded very low prestige and frequently looked down upon, due to some extent to the fact that the Kalaallit community has a large unemployment rate and frequent problems with alcoholism, and that some of them have trouble speaking and understanding the official Danish language.

However, there is only a small group of Muslim youths (believed to be Arabs and Somali) behind these attacks.

The area as a whole has many problems with these youths, and the attacks on the Kalaallit is only the most repulsive of their actions. BUT, the area still manages to be generally peaceful and functional, and local Muslims do a lot more to stop these youths than the police appear to be doing.