Netherlands: Muslim sues gym for headscarf ban

Netherlands: Muslim sues gym for headscarf ban

A Muslim woman from Schiedam lodged a complaint against a gym in Rotterdam, because she may not train while wearing a headscarf.

She thinks the headscarf ban is discriminating.  The Equal Treatment Commission (CGB) will raise the topic with the state secretary of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Karima Bouhannouch (27) doesn't intend to back down.  "There are already various decisions by the CGB about this topic.  This nationally operating gym has a general policy not to allow any clothing on your head.  Therefore also a bandanna that I wanted to wear as an alternative, wasn't allowed."

The CGB sent her a letter saying the gym chain in question had already been warned for the same complain in Dordrecht and Den Bosch.  Looking for another gym or not wearing anything on her head is not an option for Karima.  "I want to wear a headscarf because of my religion."

The fitness center was not available for comment.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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