Odense: Danish-Arab arrested for shooting attack

Odense: Danish-Arab arrested for shooting attack

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The suspect is a Danish-Palestinian, born in Lebanon. He denies he tried to kill the Israelis but admits to having a pistol.

Source: Ekstrabladet (Danish)


The owner of the black Audi, a Danish citizen of Middle Eastern origins, turned himself in to the police early Thursday morning.

Chief police inspector John Jacobsen of the Fyn police department says that the man is 27 and lives in Odense. The Danish Security Intelligence Service is following the case.

He said they are investigating all the evidence and are not jumping to conclusions regarding the motive. He refused to say how many shots were fired, whether the weapon was retrieved or how many participated in the attack.

The Danish Muslim Union stated that they strongly oppose Wednesday's shooting. They call upon all citizens who feel powerless and frustrated at Israel's destruction and murder in Gaza to express these feelings in a legal manner, for example through demonstrations.

Source: Berlingske (Danish)

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