Odense: Muslims denounce shooting, Jews call for self-restraint

Odense: Muslims denounce shooting, Jews call for self-restraint


Danish blogger Snaphanen brings a video by Henrik Clausen of a Danish TV interview with two local Danish-Palestinians one of whom claims they had a big party after the attack.  One of the Israeli victims interviewed by Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende said that as they were being carried in to the ambulance he heard several people cheering about what happened.

Tundra Tabloids and Gates of Vienna have more on this story.

The Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association takes a strong stance against it.


The Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association denounced Wednesday's shooting incident in Odense and urged peaceful methods as a way to protest against the conflict in the Middle East.  A Danish-Palestinians had been arrested for shooting the two Israelis.

The head of the association Fathi El-Abed said that now the connection [with Gaza] is clear, they must strongly denounce it.  All other means besides peaceful ones damage more than they benefit because they move the focus from the important issue.  Even CNN spent time on this incident.  It damages the case of the Palestinians that we use time on this.

The Mosaic Faith Society says that in the upcoming time they will take the initiative to meet with representatives of the Muslim community in Denmark to discuss the situation.

"With escalating international conflicts considerable self-restraint should be exercised both in relation to language and to acts," they say.

Source: Fyens Stiftstidende

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