Austria: Freedom Party ranks first among voters under 30

Austria: Freedom Party ranks first among voters under 30

Via Deutsche Welle:
Austria's far-right Freedom Party has become the country's second-most popular party. The party, which campaigns on an anti-immigrant platform, even ranks first among voters under 30, a new poll found.


The same situation existed just over a decade ago when former leader Joerg Haider took the party into a coalition government. Before his death in a car accident, Haider campaigned on an anti-immigrant platform. And party leader Strache is tapping into the same rich vein of voters, according to political commentator Herbert Lackner.

"If the government threw out all the people that came into Austria over the past 10 or 20 years, if they would throw them all out but one, the Freedom Party would still campaign against this one single person," Lackner told Deutsche Welle. "And a 100,000 people would still believe that there are too many foreigners."

One of the most surprising results from the latest survey is the Freedom Party's popularity among young Austrians. It's the number one choice for people under 30. Strache appeals most strongly to young males, as did his predecessor Haider.