Somalia: New al-Shabab recruiting video features Swede, Brit; issues death threat to Lars Vilks

Somalia: New al-Shabab recruiting video features Swede, Brit; issues death threat to Lars Vilks

(image via Gudmundson, who also links to the film)

Via Jihadist Forum Monitor:

On 23 November 2010, a video produced by the Mujahidin Youth Movement’s (MYM) [aka al-Shabab], media division, al-Kita’b, was released onto jihadist forums entitled: ‘An Invitation to the Lands of Jihad and Ribat’. It urges Muslims around the world to travel to Somalia and undertake combat training with the MYM and graduate as mujahidin.

The production, dated November 2010, lasts for over 35 minutes and uses a number of video-clips of non-Somali MYM fighters urging their countrymen – in their native tongues – to join the group. Many of the men featured wish their fellow Muslims around the world a happy Eid [holiday], which suggests it might have been produced fairly recently. The video also has narration in Arabic with English and Somali subtitles.


‘Abu Dujana’ – identified as a UK national, whose appearance would suggest that he is of African origin, addresses Muslims in Britain in British-accented English. He urges them to travel to Somalia and train for jihad, and live in a society governed by Sharia.

‘Abu Zaid’ – identified as a Swedish national, appeals to Muslims in Sweden to do the same, and tells them that it is ‘an obligation upon you’. Like, Abu Dujana, his appearance would suggest he is also of African origin, but he addresses his audience in Swedish. He adds: ‘Brothers and sisters, I encourage you to come here to Somalia to take part in the jihad in Somalia. He continues: ‘I want to send this warning to Lars Viks, who was behind the caricatures defaming our Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. And I say to Lars Viks that wherever you are, if not today or tomorrow, know that we haven’t yet forgotten about you. We will get hold of you and with God’s permission we will catch you wherever you are and whatever hole you are hiding in, God willing. Know what awaits you, as it will be nothing but this: [he then makes a cutting gesture with his finger on his throat] slaughter! For that is what you deserve’.