France/Netherlands: Teachers fired for wearing headscarves

France/Netherlands: Teachers fired for wearing headscarves

Two similar, but different, stories.

In the Netherlands, via DutchNews:
An orthodox Christian primary school in The Hague on Friday refused to accept a fill-in teacher because she was wearing an Islamic headscarf.

School head Teun Klaver said the school had imposed strict rules on clothing around seven years ago. The school bans all religious clothing and attributes unless they relates to the Christian faith.

And in France, via PressTV:
A Muslim teacher has been dismissed form work in France for refusing to remove her Islamic Hijab or shaking hands with male colleagues due to her religious beliefs.

The teacher had just started apprenticeship at a primary school in Toulouse. [Ed: In the Tournefeuille suburb of Toulouse]

The school's disciplinary committee which expelled her says it was defending secularism in public schools.