Malmö: Shooter feared immigrant takeover

Malmö: Shooter feared immigrant takeover

Via The Local:

Police in Malmö are looking into whether 38-year-old Peter Mangs, who is in custody for a recent spate of racist shootings, may have also been involved in other unsolved murders from years past.Among the unsolved cases are two murders which took place in the Lindängen neighbourhood of Malmö in 2003. Both the victims had immigrant backgrounds, the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper reports.


Mangs was arrested on Saturday after a tip from a member of the public. Police have confirmed only his age, that he "has a Swedish background" and that he does not have any previous criminal convictions.

A possible motive for the attacks has not been released by the police, but Mangs' father was quoted by the Aftonbladet daily on Monday as saying that his son "lived in fear of immigrants taking over Swedish society."


When Mang was 18, his sister, who was seven years older, died under tragic circumstances. Her death shook the family (SE), and particularly Peter. His father said it might have triggers Mang's Asperge's Syndrome. Police are checking whether the shootings were an attempt at revenge.

Police say that one of the weapons confiscated from Mang - a Glock 9mm and a .22 caliber pistol - is linked to the shootings (SE).