Belgium: Court awards €15,000 to asylum seeker

Belgium: Court awards €15,000 to asylum seeker

Via EUobserver:
A Belgian judge's ruling has appeared to confirm the notion that the country is a land of milk and honey for immigrants.

The Brussels first instance tribunal has ordered Fedasil, the federal agency in charge of asylum, to pay a 30-year-old Congolese asylum seeker €15,500 (€500 per day) for not providing him with counsel and accommodation.

Following the court ruling, bailiffs took the man to Fedasil's premises where he made an inventory of 15 computers and four Peugeot cars, representing a combined value of €16,000, to be seized in case of non-payment by the agency.

According to Fedasil, a representative of which spoke to WAZ.EUobserver, the refugee, who arrived in Belgium in August, has found somewhere to live but is still claiming money for the period when he was roofless.

(more) reports that the asylum-seeker in question is Ibra, a Muslim from Senegal (FR). He says he wants to work in Belgium, anything as long as he doesn't need to steal and lie, and that he knows he's not allowed to make mistake.

Ibra left his family in Dakar - his wife and their three children aged ten, six and one. He says he left Senegal for 'religious reasons linked to personal choice".

While he waited for lodgings from the state, he lived in the central bus station and in bus stops, and says that Belgium is different than what people expect in Africa. He's now looking forward to winter, and to his first snow.