UK: Family of Jihadist wants tougher action

UK: Family of Jihadist wants tougher action

Via the Telegraph:
Awais Arshad, whose brother Umar, absconded from a control order, said police should have acted more quickly to stop him leaving the country.

He accused the police of “gross negligence" in failing to stop his brother and added: "How could he still be allowed to leave the country I do not know.”

Mr Arshad’s comments will add to the controversy currently surrounding control orders, which is threatening to split the coalition after pledges made by the Liberal Democrats to scrap them.

The Muslim community is often thought to be against the orders but Umar Arshad’s family actually contacted the police themselves asking them to stop him leaving.

He is one of seven people who have absconded after being placed under the orders, a loose form of house arrest. Most are thought to have left the country and join al-Qaeda.


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