Gothenburg: Men locked in mosque during terror raid

Gothenburg: Men locked in mosque during terror raid

Via the Local:
The Gothenburg police are facing more criticism following revelations that they locked eight men in a mosque when responding to a terror threat on October 30th.

The eight men were reportedly locked in a mosque located at the Römosse school in Gothenburg’s Gårdsten neighbourhood where they were forced to wait for three hours without being given any information, the Göteborgs-Posten (GP) newspaper reports.


Those who were locked in the mosque by the police had no other connection to the terror accusations other than that they happened to be in the mosque when police arrived.

Detective Bertil Claesson, who heads the northeast Gothenburg police unit, regretted the incident.

Ahmed Al-Mofty, chair of the Islamic Information Society (Islamiska informationsföreningen), met recently with Ingemar Johansson, head of the county police in Gothenburg.

During the meeting, Al-Mofty complained about the police’s actions at the mosque.

“The police surely wouldn’t have behaved that way if they were entering a church or a synagogue. What happened is totally insane,” he said.