Belgium/Netherlands/Germany: Cell arrested for planning attack in Belgium

Belgium/Netherlands/Germany: Cell arrested for planning attack in Belgium

Via AFP:
Police on Tuesday detained 10 Islamists in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany suspected of plotting an attack in Belgium, the prosecutor's office said.

The arrests were part of "an inquiry into international jihadist terror," a spokesman for the federal prosecutor's office told AFP.

"In total 10 people suspected of preparing an attack in Belgium were arrested in Belgium, Holland and Germany," he said.

The suspects are from Belgium, the Netherlands, Morocco and Chechnya, the prosecutor's office said in a statement. The group used the extremist website Ansar Al Mujahideen.


AP reports the arrests follow arrests in Spain, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. Dutch authorities detained three people in Amsterdam. Austria was also involved in these arrests. Germany arrested one person near Aachen.

Seven people were arrested (NL) in Antwerp. Most of them were members of the Caucasus Emirate. Three of the suspect were also members of Sharia4 Belgium. The suspects planned an attack in Belgium through the internet. The plans did not yet reach an advanced stage and they did not yet set a target.

Update: Various news services are reporting different numbers. There are around 10 suspects. Most of them were arrested in Antwerp and are Belgian-Moroccans.