UK: Somalis raise £150,000 towards pirate ransom

UK: Somalis raise £150,000 towards pirate ransom

Via Daily Telegraph:
A rap video put together by Somalis living in London raised as much as £150,000 to contribute towards the ransom of Paul and Rachel Chandler.

The couple were released on Sunday after 388 days in captivity after being kidnapped by pirates in Somalia. It is thought their captors were paid around £620,000 for their release.

The London-based community of Somalis were moved to create a music video urging the pirates to release the pair who were taken from their boat as they sailed round the world.

The song was recorded by the Somali news station, Universal TV, and has been broadcast more than 10 times on the channel in the last two months.


After the song was first aired in September the TV station was deluged with calls from Somali Londoners offering donations towards the ransom pot.