Pakistan: Up to 40 Europeans training for Jihad

Pakistan: Up to 40 Europeans training for Jihad

Via the Telegraph:
Up to 40 European terrorist recruits are currently training in Pakistan's lawless tribal areas close to the border with Afghanistan, according to an intelligence official in Islamabad.

US citizens were also thought to have linked up with insurgent groups in the region, an official with the Inter Services Intelligence agency told The Daily Telegraph on condition of anonymity.

"What we are saying is that there are Germans and other foreigners there. I don't have an exact number but there are perhaps 12 to 20 Germans and a similar number of Britons," he said.

"They would be naturalised citizens of Britain – from Arab countries – and very few converts." Some had arrived through the porous western border with Afghanistan or from Iran, he added.


In another interesting article, a Guardian reporter interviewed British Talibanis who spend a few months a year fighting Jihad in Afghanistan. He also met a Talibani who lived in Norway.