Bavaria: Mob attacks police with stones, Nazi insults

Bavaria: Mob attacks police with stones, Nazi insults

An aggressive mob of 100 young men, insults and flying stones. Eleven patrol cars, which dispersed the crowd in the parking lot of the Mega Simarik disco only by massive use of pepper spray. Three police officers were injured, one seriously. Three were arrested. This was the balance of last Saturday night on the Lessingstraße. Michael Keck of the Neu-Ulm police says that this is a new level of violence and that the situation on the Lessingstraße is no longer sustainable.

It started with a dispute between bouncers and a visitor at the Mega Simarik disco at 4:40 AM, and the police were called to the scene. The police found a very aggressive intoxicated 25 year old Turk who insisted on entering the disco even though business hours were over. When the police forced the man into the police car, they were suddenly attacked by two other men. Keck says that according to eyewitness accounts, the men had planned the attack.

One of the attackers jumped on a police officer from behind. The agent hit his knee on the police car and was so badly injured that he had to go through an operation and will be out of commission for months. Two other officers sustained minor injuries.

The three men were arrested and the situation was under control, when it again escalated in the parking lot. About 100 people, mostly of Turkish background, banded together and tried to provoke the police with shouts of "Heil Hitler" and "Sieg Heil". More police forces were rushed to the scene. Keck says that without them it would have been hard to get the situation under control. When the first stone hit the police car, the police decided to evacuate the parking lot, and by massive use of pepper-spray they managed to disperse the crowd.

Keck says that the situation was so critical, that there were no further arrests. The visual material will be evaluated in the upcoming days.

The events of early Sunday morning are the climax of the Lessingstraße scene. There are now three big discos in the Neu-Ulm industrial area, and things always end with property damage, personal injury and attempts to resist the police. Saturday morning police were called to the Club Mahatma, to deal with men who robbed a young man. One of the men strongly resisted arrest.

The police turned to the city to deal with the problem, but the alderman in charge wants to wait for the police investigation results before he speaks publicly about possible consequences.

Source: Südwest Presse (German) h/t PI