Sweden: Father stabs daughter in possible honor murder

Sweden: Father stabs daughter in possible honor murder

A man (62) turned himself in for the murder of his daughter (21) in Katrineholm, Sweden yesterday, in what police think was an honor murder.

The father was covered with blood when he walked into the police station.

According to a witness he repeated "I have killed, I have murdered".

The man stabbed his adoptive daughter to death in stairwell in the morning, after she took her two-year old son to preschool. Police confiscated a knife which they suppose is the murder weapon.

The woman divorced last spring and was since involved in a custody battle with her ex-husband. According to a relative, the murder might be linked to the divorce. "It might have been something her husband told the family," he says.

Police say an honor murder is a possibility, since those involved are of foreign background, but do not want to discuss the possible motive.

Source: Aftonbladet (Swedish)