Conferences on Islam and Antisemitism

The Vidal Sassoon Center for the Study of Antisemitism, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, organizes conferences on the subject of Antisemitism.  Many of them deal with Islam and Muslim antisemitism.  Recordings of the conferences are available in English on their site.

Radical Islam's War Against the West
Prof. Bernard Lewis, Prof. Israel Bartal, Prof. Robert Wistrich

Islam, Women and Antisemitism: Journey of a Muslim Refusenik
Irshad Manji                

Antisemitism: Turmoil in French Schools Today
Georges Bensoussan, Emmanuel Halperin, Simcha Epstein, Robert Wistrich

Islam, British Society and the Terrorist Threat
Avinoam Armoni, Melanie Phillips, Robert Wistrich, Isi Leibler

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