Kristiansand: Request to build mosque

The Progress Party's mayoral candidate in Kristiansand, Tor S. Utsogn, supports building a mosque in the city.

"We can't differentiate between different religions. They should get permission, so long that they finance the building and operation themselves, just like for example, Christian organizations. Islam must be put in the same line with other religions" says Utsogn.

Leaders for the about 50 Ahmdiyya Muslims in Kristiansad asked Monday to build a mosque at a site in the V├ągsbygd neighborhood. Utsogn thinks however that an application to call in to worship can't be accepted. He thinks minarets which call out to prayer five times a day will be going too far.

"We can't allow calls to prayer close in to an established residential area. Preaching must be held inside four walls" says the FRP politician.

He rules out, however, saying an emphatic no to building a mosque, which will give wind to the Muslim extremists' sails.
"When Norwegian politicians say no to permitting building mosques, just like that they can build up sharp fronts. Then the extremists will say "see here, we have a right".

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian)

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