Netherlands: Muslims upset at Jansen

This time Muslims are upset at the father, not the son.


Muslims reacted indignantly to the call by Arabist Hans Jansen to create a separate section within the intelligence service AIVD that would keep watch over Muslim radicals. "Hans Jansen demonizes Muslims and calls to murder" says for example Abdullah as-Siddiq of the Islamic website Expliciet. He mailed that yesterday to all media. Hans Jansen asked last week for a secret service with the secret service. He thinks that the AIVD must function under strict democratic control. "It's not up to me to work out how that should be done exactly. That must be done by jurists and people of the intelligence services."

What is certain, according to Jansen, is that in the Netherlands more people are threatened by radical Muslims than is generally believed. "I know a handful of names of politicians, writers and artists who had to deal with threats and who have nothing to do with Wilders. But I'm not naming them." Those threatened and the media keep silent, on the one hand because it will give radicals ideas, and on the other out of fear: voluntary self-censorship. Jansen calls it creeping "self-Islamization". He published his cry in the recent edition of Opinio.

He asks for three measure: there must be a central reporting point for religious death threats, threatening politicians and opinion makers must be punished more severely and there must be a secret, physically operations section within the AIVD, an organization that now "may only analyze, observe and write polite treaties." Jansen wants disciplined rogues that "will do the dirty work without us knowing it."

Jansen completed recently his two-part book in which he discusses the tradition around Mohamed. He says that space for mockery of the Prophet and mentioning unpleasant sides of his person was cast away through the ages, by the Islamic tradition, but also by Western researchers.

The last decade there has been a turn around, but true historical research is difficult - Mohamed archeology is not permitted by the Arabic regimes - and is dangerous: irony about Mohamed or putting him in perspective draws the attention of fundamentalist imams and related Muslim radicals.

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