Double nationality - discussions brings a summary of discussions about double nationality.


On right-wing oriented Dutch sites it's loud and clear: Either you're one or the other. And there the discussion ends. At first it seems logical but one forum visitor asked how much a person can be blamed for having a double nationality. Some countries, such as Morocco, do not enable one to give up their nationality.

For many Moroccans the new nationality discussion is evidence of collective xenophobia by "the Dutch". And that is yet an understatement. A recurring comment is that even if the majority want to do away with it, you must still keep in mind the feelings of the minority.

"What is Morocco refuses to cooperate, are we going to take away the Dutch citizenship from them?" asks one visitor at Other posters also wonder if the discussion hadn't gone to far.

For many Moroccan visitors to the Maghreb Magazine site, the passport is holy. Even the proposed discussion with Morocco about renunciation of citizenship is anticipated to fail.

On the Marokko community forum, one visitor sums it up: Even if we're forced to hold one nationality, we're continue to have a connection with Morocco, and it might even get stronger by this."

Turks in the Netherlands do have a choice. They have a right to abdicate their Turkish citizenship. But to the question what they would do if the Netherlands would forbid double nationality and which nationality they would choose the answer is unambiguously "Turkish". Barely a few say they'll choose a Dutch passport.

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