Netherlands: Actor upset at being taken for terrorist

Isn't he proving the point, though? He plays a kid who is getting radicalized and is surprised people think that's exactly what he is?

Young actor Ilias Addab was taken for a terrorist during filming of "Kicks". In the film he plays a Moroccan, Karim, who is at the point of radicalizing. "When I had to let my beard grow for my role in the film, I noticed that people were on guard around me," he says.

"If you as a Moroccan grow your beard, you are not immediately a terrorist" he emphasizes. "I once left my bag in the bus and my fellow passengers panicked."

In "Kicks" a white policeman shoots a Dutch-Moroccan boy. The movie illustrates various point of view on the shooting. The policeman says it was a tragic accident. Friends of the victims call it a racist murder.

The director, Albert ter Heerdt, says he wanted to give a human face to a complicated problem, and that he shows all sides of the problem, not focusing only on the good or bad.

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