Denmark: Terrorism suspect said he's just like the Danish Resistance

The terrorism suspect Said Mansour compares his own war against Islam's enemies with the Danish resistance war under Anden Verdenskrig, who was a Danish freedom fighter under the occupation from 1940-1945. The Danish-Moroccan Islamist Said Mansour said that he conceived that when he was questioned at the last court meeting in the terror case against him.

Jihad is an obligation in line with prayer and pilgrimage to Mecca. Through jihad one fights the enemies of the Muslim lands and the enemies of Allah, says Mansour: "In the same manner in which the Danish fought against Hitler during the occupation."

Mansour, who denies the accusations against him, is accused of spreading terrorism propaganda through his publishing firm "al Nur Islamic Information" and for having called to holy, armed war.

Police prosecutor Lone Damgaard connected the alliance between Mansour and the much younger "holy warriors" - the one who was convicted and others who were freed in the Glostrup case. From here it appears that especially one of the former suspects had had a very close relationship with Mansour and helped him by printing files from the internet.

Lone Damgaard tried to get Mansour to elaborate on his connections with the young men in the Glostrup case, but he refused to answer the questions. Likewise he didn't want to answer questions on his connection to the convicted terrorist imam Trabelsi from Italy.

Mansour's laywer, Gitte Juul Jensen, pointed out that a series of more than a thousand leaflets which were among those found in a search of Mansour and of the convicted terrorist Abdul Basit Abu-Lifa were wholly harmless compositions about marriage in Islam and regulations for praying. There were sent for scrutiny by judge Karsten Henriksen.

The prosecution is currently demanding a four year prison sentence for Mansour. The verdict is expected to be given in April.

Source: Berlingske (Danish)

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