Netherlands: Mosques under Muslim Brotherhood control

According to research by De Telegraaf newspaper, the two biggest mosque owners in the Netherlands are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. The two mosques are the Essalam Mosque in Rotterdam and the Wester Mosque Amsterdam. Both mosques are being built under the watchful eye of head members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe.

One of the heads of the Europe Trust, the financial institution of the Muslim Brotherhood, sits on the board of the Essalam Mosque. The sponsor for the mosque is a sheik from Dubai who also support a Brotherhood ideologist.

The Wester Mosque, as part of the Turkish organization Milli Görüs, is under control of the leader of the German Muslim Brotherhood chapter. He is also one of the headmen in the Europe Trust.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

Unless Europe wakes up, it is doomed. Say goodby to life in the Netherlands as you knowit. Say goodby to Heinekin, Rembrandt, and the celbrations of life with men and women. Sharia law is on it's way and political correctness is giving it a free rein. Wake up Europe, as you are the pathway to the rest of the West!