Vlaardingen: Mosques to call for prayer

The Ummet Mosque in the Oostwijk neighborhood of Vlaardingen had requested to call for Friday prayers using a loudspeaker. Two other mosques in Vlaardingen are considering buying sound equipment for the same goal. The intention is to sound the call to prayer (Adhan) several times around two pm.

Major Tj. Bruinsma sees no reason to deny the request. Only if the neighbors find the noise troublesome, will the municipality place restrictions. A municipal spokesperson said that 'phone calls were expected' when the first call to prayer sounded.

Marja Booister, president of Platform Oostwijk supposes that some neighbors of the mosques will protest. But she doesn't expect much opposition: "In our neighborhood there are two mosques. The are fully accept, they never cause problems."

A neighbor of the Ummet Mosque: "Such a call to prayer is permissible. As long as it's not a dominating sound. On vacation in Indonesia we heard nothing else the whole day."

According to neighboring municipality Maassluis, which already have experience of years with call to prayers from the Turkish mosque,situated on the edge of a residential area, the noise problems are minimal.

A spokesperson: "You barely hear it. We have never received complaints. The clocks of the Great Church make more noise."

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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