Denmark: Kids had died because charity was accused of terrorism

Some fatherless Palestinian children have died. Others suffered malnutrition as a result of the four and a half years case between the Danish government and the Palestinian charity Al-Aqsa.

That's according to the organization's chairman in Denmark, Rachid Issa, after the Al-Aqsa was acquitted at Copenhagen's court of supporting terror.

According to Issa, Al Aqsa have been stopped from working for four and a half years. This had a very negative influence on their fully legal contribution to helping these children. In this time several children have died, because they didn't get support any longer.

Source: Berlingske (Danish)

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Avi said...

Time to cut off all "Humanitarian aid"- jyzia tax- to the Muslim world and let them rot in their own filth that is islam.

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