Norway: Surveying illegal immigration

Norway is trying to count the total number of illegal immigrants in the country, according to Frode Forfang, assistant manager of UDI, the Norwegian Immigration Service.

"Also internationally there is little knowledge of the total number of illegal immigrants, and methods for surveying this. Our project has already awoken international interest," explains Forfang.

By the summer they expect to map out who the work will proceed and if it is even possible to find good enough data.

"We are going to use registers from UDI and the police as a starting point," says Jan Bjørnstad of the Norwegian Statitstical Bureau (SSB). He explains that SSB will put together information from different registers. Taking, for example, the police registers, number about the black market and numbers from asylum centers, in order to hopefully survey the extent of illegal immigration in Norway.

Forfang says that he's not expecting actual numbers, but that this will give them, for the first time, an order of magnitude to work with. This will contribute important data for the whole society. The answers in the study will say something about security questions, about the black market in the country, criminality and the education situation of those concerned. Then it will serve for development of policy.

Illegal immigrants do not have an ID number and therefore aren't able to get into the normal job market, as well as being outside the welfare system.

Source: Aftenposten (Norwegian)

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