Sweden: Moroccan terror suspect to be extradited to Germany

Sweden will extradite a Moroccan man suspected of plotting terrorist attacks to Germany, where a European warrant had been issued for his arrest, Swedish officials said on Thursday. German justice officials had ordered 24 year-old Abdelali Miftah remanded in custody in absentia, "as part of an inquiry in Germany on terrorist crimes," prosecutor Ronnie Jacobsson told AFP. He said Miftah is suspected of participating in preparations to commit terrorist attacks but gave no further details. Miftah was arrested in Sweden several weeks ago because he had no residency permit but was released. On Monday, after receiving the German warrant, Swedish police arrested him again. On Thursday, he was remanded in custody. Jacobsson said Morocco had also issued a warrant for Miftah's arrest, but this was not sufficient for authorities in Sweden to act. Miftah can appeal his extradition to Germany. According to Swedish news agency TT, Swedish authorities also decided Wednesday to remand in custody and extradite a Jordanian man to Germany. He is suspected of having links to Miftah and a third person detained in Germany.

Source: The Local (English)

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