Denmark: Women should stop tempting men

Every tenth man is sex-crazy. Women risk therefore becoming a victim of an attack if they don't adapt themselves, and wear a hijab. That's according to the new Danish imam, Mostafa Chendid, of the Islamic Society in Denmark (Islamisk Trossamfund). He thinks women must stop tempting men.

"Let me mention America. Every half a minute there's a new rape there. When a women struts about, then it tempts the man." The headscarf serves to protect her, Chendid emphasized to Weekend Aviser in a longer interview.

He explains that men, at the outset have inclinations. "But don't forget that we find ourselves in a cold land. And don't forget that your culture is different than ours. Furthermore, I don't say that all men can't control themselves, but think yet there is a problem with a good portion of men."

"Maybe it comes out that around 5-10% percent of men who can't control themselves, but it is also sufficient."

Basim Ghozlan, who is head of the Islamic Association in Oslo, thinks his Danish colleague has been misunderstood. "It is just nonsense that men are so sex-crazy. Men are temped by women,just like women are tempted by men, but that people attack each other because of it - that just doesn't happen," says Ghozlan to Nettavisen.

He points out that women cant' be blamed for being raped. "In any case it is the attacker's fault," he specifies, but doesn't hide that women for their own safety can be cautious with the signals they send out.

"I believe the signals people give can be a factor that plays a role. It concerns the way people speak, what people say and how people dress. This varies from culture to culture and from society to society."

Mostafa Chendid also told Weekend Avisen that he was tired of hearing that Islam oppresses women. "Think of the Prophet. He helped his women with the work at home. If Muslim women are oppressed it's because of the tradition, not because of Islam."

Yet women don't always get a place in the mosque, while are directed to listen to the imam's preaching through a loudspeaking outside the building.

Chendid has the following explanation: "The Muslim's prayer position is now such that men can't concentrate if a woman kneels in the area."

Basim Gohzlan points out that often men and women pray in the same room. "In Oslo we have women in the mosques and that holds also for big mosques round the world. In some places they sit on the side, while in the biggest everybody sits under the same roof. This is not a problem. Women are half of society and we can't carry on segregating."

Source: Nettavisen (Norwegian)

The full interview with Mostafa Chendid can be read on Weekend Avisen (Danish). If anybody is willing to translate it, I'll be happy to post.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Chendid,

Well - your husband appears to be at it again. He now wants all women to wear veils because he feels men just cannot keep it in their pants.

Honey - I don't know what you are or are not doing, but please, please, please start "putting out" for Mustafa.

Such commentary could be construed that he is not "getting enough" at home, and the very sight of a women is driving him crazy.

One can only assume that you are leaving him wanting more.

If you are unsure what to do - there are plenty of books, classes, online tools, and professionals that can help in the "love" department to aid you in quenching Mustafa's desires.

All of Denmark is counting on you...