Norway: Threatening with terror

A 48 year old is accused of serious threats against a judicial committee in charge of reviewing cases.

Last year he made contact with the head of the committee, Janne Kristiansen, and threatened with terror.

According to the charges the suspect wrote Kristiansen: "Like it happened in the USA, like it happened in Madrid in Spain.. it can happen in Norway too. You have just 2 weeks to answer my letter"

In another talk with the committee members the man said he will kidnap 100 Norwegian children and take them out of the country.

The motive for the threats, according to the charges, is that the man had tried to get his case reviewed, but was rejected by the commission.

The man was involved in violence against police and intimidating or bothersome behavior in connection with a family conflict.

Olav Helge Thue, the state prosecutor, said that the commission had met the man many times and in the end decided to tape the conversations. He also said it is unacceptable that people try to affect the commission like that, or prevent the government from doing its job.

The 48 year old will stand trial next week. According to his lawyer, Abdelilah Saeme, he denies the charges. The man had been in remand prison since before Christmas.

The charges against him could lead to 10 years in prison, the law having been changed in 2000 after a rush of threats against witnesses and other people involved in judicial cases.

Source: Aftenposten (Norwegian)

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