Oslo: Homemade bomb explosives similar to those used in London attacks

On August 18th, 2005, an Oslo teenager died while making a bomb. The explosives that killed 17 year old Akram Aldasoki, a Syrian immigrant, were of the same types used in the terror attacks in London just a month earlier.

According to his Akram's brother, Jihad (21), Akram was a chemistry student who dreamed of winning the Noble prize in Chemistry. Instead, he killed himself making a bomb. He had gotten the chemicals from school, and used them to make a bomb.

The case was discussed at an Oslo court Monday, going over the details of that day. The two brothers and and a Pakistani roommate were involved in making a primitive tube bomb when things went wrong. Crying, Jihad Aldasoki replayed the seconds when his little borhter's homemade bomb exploded. The 17-year old sustained injuries, and metal splintered went through his heart, killing him.

Police still think that the bombs were meant to blow up ticket machines. Apparently nothing points to the brothers having serious intentions in mind.

Jihad Aldasoki is standing trial for among other things, involuntary manslaughter, a charge he refutes. According to his lawyer, he was not aware of the consequences.

The 22 year old roommate is also standing trial.

Jihad was also injured in the attack, losing the lower portions of both legs, his left hand and partially losing his sight. He had been helping his brother by holding the metal tube, while cork was being hammered in.

Sources: Dagavisen (Norwegian), Wikinews (English)

See also: Bomb warnings ignored (Aftenposten, English)

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