Copenhagen: City sponsored Eid festival

The Copenhagen integration committee agreed to finance the Eid-festival at the city hall square with 100,000 kroner.

Ramadan will end October 1st and will be celebrated with a large open festival at city hall square, together with music, dance, workshops, food and drink. The event will stress that Copenhagen is a multicultural city and many ethnic associations will take part in it.

Sara Bech Jakobsen, head of the World Culture Center (VerdensKulturCentret) says it's important to stress that the event is a festival for both Muslims and non-Muslims. She wants ethnic Dane's to increase their knowledge about the Eid festival.

Politicians and the Jakob Hougaard also stipulated that the Eid festival will be a festival for all Copenhagen residents.

The initiators hope that the party will give Muslim Copenhagen residents a possibility to show their cultural heritage, and give other Copenhagen residents insight and access to a new festival and celebration day.

The festival will also indicate recognition and respect for Eid's significance for Muslim Copenhagen residents.

Several thousands are expects to visit the city hall plaza during the day.

The integration ministry will support the initiative with 100,000 kroner.

Source: Berlingske (Danish)

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