Italy: Al-Qaeda targeting Italian Muslims

One of the most popular Jihadist web forums, the al-Qaeda linked Ekhlas website, has launched a section in Italian.

Ekhlas was previously entirely in Arabic.

Ekhlas' Italian section appears to take the place of the blog of the former imam of the northern Italian city of Carmagnola, Abdul Qadir Fadlallah Mamour and his wife, Barbara Farina.

Mamour's blog, which was shut down by the Italian postal police on 22 February, was the first al-Qaeda website in Italian.

Managing the content of this new Italian section of Ekhlas is a figure that goes by the name Nahir al-Murtadin, which in Arabic means "killer of apostates". He does not appear to have a good command of the Italian language.

The inaugural posting on the new Italian language page is a welcome message.

"In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful, praise to Allah. Allah who guides us in the way of the Koran and of the Sunnah."

"The forum Al-Ekhlas begins an Italian section today. In the name of the administration of the forum, I encourage all our brothers and sisters who have knowledge of the Italian language to bring life to this section."

Currently, only a dozen people, have taken part in the new forum, including four or five who are residents in Italy. All of them show a less than perfect command of written Italian.

Among the forum participants is a posting from Brahim33 who, writing in ungrammatical Italian, talks about the "lives of Arab Muslims in this country [Italy], where there are few who love [al-Qaeda leader] Bin Laden and who love the mujahadeen."

He talks about how "they have fear when I speak to them of Jihad in Afghanistan, in Iraq. They give you a look and they think that you're a terrorist."

Among the first few topics of discussion in the Italian section of was the conversion to Christianity last month of the deputy director of Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Magdi Allam.

Two articles on Allam's conversion to Christianity during Easter this year were posted on the site, both highly critical of the media emphasis on the Egyptian journalist's conversion.

The first article was taken from an Italian blog written by "Dragor" while the second is an article published by a Roman Muslim, Amina Salina, and was published on the website The site follows inter-religious dialogue in Italy.

The new section of the forum also had postings which appear to confirm its ideological and organisational links to Mamour, who managed the first al-Qaeda website in Italian.

The second document posted in this new section is in fact the Italian translation of a recent audio message by Bin Laden, threatening European countries, which had already appeared on the blog run by Mamour.

Another posting has the theme of "Arab names" which has been published in the past by the blog of Barbara Farina, who goes by the name of Umm Osama [mother of Osama] in jihadist circles.

On 22 February, the Italian postal police closed four pro-Islamic blogs which posted proclamations by al-Qaeda leaders in Italy and which were hosted by Splinder, an Italian web server.

The Digos, Italy's anti-terrorist police, in Verona, charged seven people in connection with the closure of the blogs.

The main blog was managed from Senegal by Mamour, who had already been expelled from Italy.

The second blog was linked to his wife, and was also managed from Senegal.

The other two pro-Islamic blogs were managed from within Italy.

The seven people charged by Digos police were all Italians, who had no prior criminal records, and were all caught up within the web of Islamic proselytism through the blog Qital, which was managed by Mamour.

All four of these blogs were written in Italian, and called on Muslims to wage "a holy war against the unbelieving Westerners".

The blogs praised the deeds of the mujahadeen and also published the messages by Bin Laden and his second in command, Ayman al Zawahiri, after every attack that was carried out by al-Qaeda.

However it will be more difficult to close this type of website as Ekhlas, like all other Arabic language sites, is hosted by web servers that are not located in Italy.

Source: AKI (English)

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Why didn't you post a story about the naive leftist woman from Italy who got raped and murdered in the EU hopeful country of Turkey?

While it is not good to insult the dead, just what was she exactly trying to prove?

That a woman hitch-hiking is dangerous anywhere in the world, but that the danger is increased 100 fold in a muslim country?

She is a good example of what happens to people who do not see the world as it is, but rather, how they see it in their own mind.

Refusing to acknowledge reality (which appears to be a cronic problem in europe) can get you killed.