Netherlands: Proposal to ban fatwas

Ahmed Marouch, mayor of the Slotervaart neighborhood of Amsterdam, thinks that Dutch law should make issuing fatwas illegal. Marcouch said this in the TV program Pauw en Witteman.

In the show Marcouch debated the radical Salafist imam Fawaz Jneid, of the disputed As-Soennah mosque in the Hague.

Last week Fawaz said Marcouch was a show politician and a hypocrite, who looking for more Muslim votes, excused the lies of unbelievers.

According to Marcouch, Fawaz had therefore pronounced a fatwa about him. The imam denied that.

The debate, which was hampered by Fawaz's poor Dutch, did not get any further. The imam accused Marcouch of choosing for the Dutch side, while he should be a link between Muslims and the Dutch government in order to make it easier for Muslims to practice their belief. According to Fawaz, Marcouch supports the rights of minorities like homos, but doesn't support the right of Muslim youth who wear traditional clothes and sport a beard and who are discriminated in the job market, or of Muslim women with a headscarf. More than that, Marcouch leads Muslim astray from the right faith.

Marcouch called the imam radical, impolite and a man who always used big words.

The broadcast also showed the hate speech of Fawaz who had cursed Van Gogh and Hirshi Ali a few months before Van Gogh's murder.

Source: FOK (Dutch), h/t Allochtonen Weblog

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