Denmark: Polygamy unacceptable

An Iraqi interpreter currently in Denmark with two wives will have to divorce one.

Family Services has decided that a man is not allowed to have two wives in Denmark, even if has gotten residence permits for them. The interpreter has until May 26th to decide if he will turn ot the courts or divorce one of his wives.

He can divorce his first wife immediately, since she can claim bigamy as grounds for divorce. If he chooses to divorce his second wife, it will require him to separate from her first.

The interpreter currently lives with his two wives in two parallel households.

In March Equality Minister Karen Jespersen announced that polygamy is not accepted in any form in Denmark.

Jespersen told Radioavisen that she was surprised the Iraqi interpreter hadn't understood that bigamy was strictly forbidden in Denmark and had been under the impression that he would be allowed to stay married to his two wives.

She was also upset at radical imam Abdul Wahid Pedersen, who said he backs polygamy, and said that it was important to make sure that such attitudes aren't allowed to spread.

Source: Nyhedsavisen (Danish)

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